Springfield's Main Street Cruise - June 2014

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This month the Springfield Main Street cruise coincided with the Great Race from Maine to Florida. Check out these photos from Saturday, June 28th.

"According to Jeff Stumb with the GREAT RACE, yesterday was the biggest reception they've EVER gotten in the 30 years of running the race." - from Historic Springfield Main Street Cruise  Facebook page.

In spite of last minute complications, the show went on even better than could be imagined.

Thousands braved the 100+ heat index to wave in The Great Race -- over 100 drivers of everything from a 1916 Studebaker to a 72' vette   who began their journey in Maine on June 21st, cruised through Jacksonville on their way to the finish line The Villages (an hour north of Orlando).

We rolled into Jacksonville, Florida (JAX to its friends) to a STUPENDOUS welcome – the incoming street was lined with people and local specialty cars and cruisin’ goin’ on all over!  Hootin’ and hollerin’  One angel on the sidelines brought us cold wet towels!  Draped around our necks, they pulled our brain temperatures back into double digits, as we slowly passed the appreciative gauntlet.  Sorry, no pix – i worked hard not to crash into anything or anyone, pumping my brake pedal like a pipe organist.  The finish was a joy as well.  A handsome street by the water and mall: cool air, food court – who could ask for more?


It was the sheer determination of John Wells and his fans who made yesterday happen for the cruisers, the racers and the people of Jacksonville who fully embrace the philosophy "cruise whatcha got."  

Article by Gloria DeVall. Images by Daniel Herbin.

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