PHOTOJAX 2014 at the CoRK Arts District

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Metro Jacksonville's Kristen Pickrell provides us with the highlights of PHOTOJAX 2014 at the CoRK Arts District.

The CoRK Arts District is a fabulously decorated warehouse that sits at the corner of Rosselle and King St. downtown that acts as an intricate network of studios and galleries for several local artists. What’s cool about CoRK is you get a sort of “behind the scenes” look at the art, due to the fact that each studio featured is that artist’s actual work space.

This past weekend, I went out to the CoRK Arts District for the first time to check out their exhibit sponsored by PHOTOJAX.

PHOTOJAX is a local, non-profit organization that brings together artists, collectors, educators, dealers, museums, galleries, and the like, and invites the public to explore and share through the power of photography.

The event at CoRK this weekend was a showcase of PHOTOJAX’s “#photojaxhoods” project. #photojaxhoods is a community response art project aimed at discovering the diverse nature of our neighborhoods in Jacksonville. Featured curators included: Carolyn Brass, Aaron Levi Garvey, Staci Bu Shea, and Ben Thompson. Featured exhibits included works by: Carolyn Brass, Natalie Krick, Alexander Oyhovden, and Kedgar Volta.

Inside CoRK, you could walk exhibit to exhibit, mingle with the artists, and enjoy a free glass of wine or soda, with any donations benefiting local charity. Outside CoRK, the event continued, with live music, food by the Corner Taco food truck, and a bonfire.

Everything was delicious and the company was wonderful. The art itself was unseen, too. From the vibrant colored exterior of the building, to the “moving” photographs, chair art, and stunning photographs, both CoRK and PHOTOJAX offer an interesting and unparalleled experiencing of local food, cultural, and art.

CoRK’s doors only open for featured exhibits and special events. For Calendar information, contact info, a list of events, and websites for each artist, visit You can also follow CoRK on twitter at!/CoRKJax , or like them on Facebook at Additionally, information about PHOTOJAX can be found at

Article by Kristen Pickrell