How We Really Feel About the Holidays

January 22, 2014 0 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

Now that Christmas and New Years have passed us by, has released a survey that exposes how most of us really feel about the holiday season.

According to Tada, as a culture, we’re not quite as greedy and selfish as people might think: In a poll of 4,554 ONLINE SHOPPERS “receiving gifts” ranked as everyone’s least favorite holiday activity—across all age groups. Spending time with family was far and away everyone’s favorite part of the holidays.

Women are definitely more anxious and stressed during the holidays than men, whereas Seniors tend to enjoy the period the most out of any age group. Everyone ranked cooking and eating as their favorite holiday activity, whereas reading came in dead last. Meanwhile, even though the survey was completely anonymous, only 2% claim that they dislike spending time with their family over the holidays—with only 0.4% citing it as torture.