Changing the Urban Landscape in 2014

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In 2013, several major construction projects broke ground in and around downtown Jacksonville for the first time since the 2008 economic downfall. Looking forward to 2014, here are five projects and points of discussion that have the potential to forever change Jacksonville's landscape.

Rail Takes Over Florida

Since our founding in 2006, Metro Jacksonville has been the most vocal advocate of rail-based transit in NE Florida. This year, high profile rail projects will dominate the statewide scene. Sunrail, Florida's second commuter rail system, will began operating in the Orlando Metropolitan Area in 2014. FECI's ambitious All Aboard Florida rail system between Miami and Orlando and a modern streetcar project in Downtown Fort Lauderdale will also break ground in 2014.

Seeing the world move without them, Pinellas County residents will be asked this year to decide if they want their taxes raised for light rail. In Jacksonville, with construction in Brooklyn in overdrive, JTA will have to decide if they are going to extend the Skyway or not.

In the meantime, leaders in Tampa are working to make sure the next major rail-based project is in their city and not Jacksonville. Do we even care?

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