Changing the Urban Landscape in 2014

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In 2013, several major construction projects broke ground in and around downtown Jacksonville for the first time since the 2008 economic downfall. Looking forward to 2014, here are five projects and points of discussion that have the potential to forever change Jacksonville's landscape.

Hendricks Avenue

The urban core has another walkable commercial district starting to emerge and it isn't in downtown or Riverside/Avondale. A number of infill projects have been recently completed, are under construction or are proposed for Hendricks Avenue, between San Marco Square and Interstate 95.

A few years back, local politics tossed out a potential short Skyway extension that would have resulted in San Marco Square being within walking distance of the nearest stop. With Hendricks Avenue now taking off, infill opportunities for the Northeast section of San Marco will only increase as the I-95 Overland Bridge project brings more exposure. Perhaps the Downtown Investment Authority (DIA), their Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) plan consultants and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) should rethink the concept of extending the Skyway to San Marco.

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Metro Jacksonville San Marco Forum

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