The Most Expensive Road Projects in Florida

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A brief look at the Florida Department of Transportation's most expensive roadway construction projects currently underway.

1. State Road 429/Wekiva Parkway - $1.6 billion

Location: Seminole County

FDOT District: 5

The Wekiva Parkway will connect State Roads 429 and 417, thus completing Central Florida's beltway around northwest metropolitan Orlando. This estimated $1.6 billion project includes $500 million of non-toll road improvements including widening seven miles of SR 46 in Lake and Seminole Counties, rebuilding the US 441/SR 46 interchange in Mount Dora and shifting the CR 46A connection to SR 46 so wildlife can move more safely between habitats.

According to the controversial project's proponents, the 25-mile tolled expressway will provide travel alternatives and relieve US 441, SR 46 and other area roads of traffic congestion resulting from growth and travel between Orange, Lake and Seminole Counties.

Construction on the first small segment of Wekiva Parkway started in late 2012. However, the lion's share of the project won't officially start construction until the end of 2014. Overall completion is anticipated in 2021.

For more information:!Road/WekivaParkway/Construction

Full list of FDOT major construction projects currently underway:

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