The Most Expensive Road Projects in Florida

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A brief look at the Florida Department of Transportation's most expensive roadway construction projects currently underway.

3. Port of Miami Tunnel - $663 million

Location: Miami

FDOT District: 6

The Port of Miami Tunnel project is a highly complex project which is being built through a public-private partnership (PPP or P3) that includes the design, build, finance, operation and maintenance of said project. It is a 35-year concession agreement between the Florida Department of Transportation (Owner) and MAT Concessionaire, LLC (Concessionaire), which includes 55 months for design and construction being carried out by Bouygues Civil Works Florida (BCWF).

Nearly 16,000 vehicles travel to and from the Port of Miami (POM) through downtown streets each weekday. Truck traffic makes up 28% (or 4,480) of this number (Source: 2009 PB Americas Traffic Study). Existing truck and bus routes restrict the port’s ability to grow, drive up costs for port users and present safety hazards. They also congest and limit redevelopment of the northern portion of Miami’s Central Business District.

The benefits of the Port of Miami Tunnel include providing a direct connection from the Port of Miami to highways via Watson Island to I-395, keeping the Port of Miami, the County’s second largest economic generator, competitive, and making downtown streets safer by reducing congestion on downtown streets.

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