Coming Soon: BREW Five Points - Beer & Coffee

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BREW, a new bar/cafe concept focused on bringing you the the finest craft beers and espressos from across the country, is headed to Five Points and wants your help.

What is BREW?

BREW is a new (but simple) concept bar collaboration between veterans of the local bar and coffee biz. We'll feature an impressive selection of American canned craft beers with limited hand-selected offerings of seasonal / special release bottles and drafts. In addition to proudly pouring Bold Bean espresso, we'll feature rotating selections of our favorite roasters from around the country.

Our mission is to create a new bar experience in Five Points that fosters community and encourages social interaction while celebrating the American craftsman and the anti-commoditization of the things we enjoy. Beyond our carefully curated beers and espressos, our focus will be on atmosphere, experience and community. Five Points is home to several fantastic bars but BREW will be unlike anything the neighborhood has seen before and is currently missing - a modern yet unpretentious gathering place with an inspired aesthetic that encourages community and provides the perfect setting to taste and experience new things. Keep reading to learn about membership opportunities in the BREW social club.

What We Need & What You Get

We need your help to make BREW the best it can be and in exchange, you get to JOIN THE CLUB! We're trying to raise at least $10,000 to cover some of the build-out costs and we're offering some pretty sweet deals in return:

•awesome silk-screened t-shirts!
•BREW swag!
•membership in the BREW CREW!
•FREE beer!
•FREE coffee!

Every penny earned will be used towards creating something truly unique and sought-after in the neighborhood so anything you can contribute will be put to good use.

A More Vibrant Five Points

We as a team have been involved with successful projects and businesses in Downtown and Riverside (including Burro Bar, Bold Bean Coffee, Burrito Gallery) and are eager to put our stamp on Jacksonville's historic Five Points. We look forward to working with the existing businesses (and those opening soon) to create even more options for the workers, shoppers, diners and revelers of Five Points. Together we can make a more vibrant neighborhood and your financial contribution allows us to do just that.

What's All This Membership Noise?

All are welcome in the hallowed halls (well, hall) of BREW, but those who know the hidden secrets of the world (that nothing beats good craft beer and espresso) and have proven themselves worthy (CONTRIBUTE!) will be able to appreciate the perks of BREW CREW membership.

The BREW Social Club is an elite group of discerning beer drinkers and espresso quaffers who enjoy craft beer from a can, the way mother nature intended it. Membership includes a limited edition koozie that gets you $1 off every can beer you purchase for 6 or 12 months. Become the envy of your peers when you brandish your faithful koozie and unlock not only valuable discounts but entry into members-only events like our soft opening party, tastings, tailgates, cookouts, bike rides, camping trips and more!

Why All The Fuss About Cans?

Uh, because they're awesome. Here's why:

•aluminum cans block out 100% of light unlike bottles so they stay fresher longer

•aluminum cans be crushed so they take up less space and are easily recyclable

•many craft brewers are adopting the can over the bottle because they are easy to store and less likely to break in transit

•you can cut the top off and voila, instant glass!

•there's something unpretentious and nostalgic (and 'Merican!) about a can of beer

Don't worry, we aren't throwing the baby out with bathwater. BREW will also feature three carefully selected drafts and a rotating cast of seasonal and special release bottles.

Tell Me More About The Coffee

Not a beer drinker? That's cool. Or perhaps like any red-blooded American, you simply aren't quite yourself without your periodic caffeine fix. We understand. Our espresso program is designed by none other than Bold Bean Coffee's head roaster, Chris! Suffice it to say he knows a thing or two about good coffee. We're proud to offer the fruits of his labor and additionally, he'll be on the hunt for great espressos from other craft roasters from around the country. If espresso is your thing and you are looking to expand your horizons, you'll appreciate the featured espresso options we'll offer!

And because while good coffee is fine by itself, but even better with something to nibble on, we've teamed up with Community Loaves and Dig Foods to offer handmade toast and jams you can't get anywhere else!

To donate, for more information and to get involved, click here: