The 10 Most Memorable Jaguars Moments

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It's been a tough year for Jaguars fans but the team appears to be headed in the right direction. In the meantime, Metro Jacksonville has something to cheer you up. Here's some of the most memorable moments in Jacksonville Jaguar history.

4.  ‘96 Season Wild Card Round Win at Buffalo

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This game was the Jag’s first playoff win of the ’96 season—they forced four turnovers, had 3 sacks, and outgained the Bills by 100 yards. Jag’s cornerback Aaron Beasley recovered a fumble on the 42-yard line that QB Mark Brunnell would toss to Jimmy Smith for a touchdown that sealed the final score of the game.

The Jags and the Bills went back and forth scoring for a majority of the game. Other big plays for the Jags in this game included defensive end Clyde Simmons’s intercepted pass that tied the game up in the first half; Brunnell completing a pass to Natrone Means, who ran for a 30 yard touchdown; and Keenan McCardell’s 27 yard catch for a touchdown, that ended an 11 play run by the Jags.

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