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Article by Robert W. Mann

Photo Courtesy of: Worldwide Aeros

On the night of January 14, 1929, the most repeated question on the lips of every Jaxson was, 'Did you see the Los Angeles last night?' The 2,472,000 cubic foot rigid airship was built at Friedrichshafen, Germany, by the Zeppelin Company in 1924 as LZ-126, she had a long career as the most successful of all American airships. She had been moored to the USS Patoka in St. Andrews Bay, Florida on the Gulf Coast when she nosed her great mass in our direction. Local amateur radio operator Gifford Grange picked up the approaching aerial leviathan and quickly called the local papers. Locally small planes went up as a sort of honor guard to greet her in the air. By 6pm on the 13Th she hove into view, slowly circling the city,  for nearly 3 hours. Every factory whistle, locomotive, church bell and car horn in the city were blasting their fondest greetings. It lasted until the apparition, bigger then two Everbank Fields, vanished back into the night. One could easily say that for one night in history, Jacksonville was lighter than air over the future.  It's a future that is swiftly approaching cities all over the globe again, but only a few will be quick enough or smart enough to snare the industry and own it.

The first full service remote terminal for the UK's Airlander airships has just been announced. Airships Arabia is poised to create a UAE based airship operations, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and crew training enterprise with a focus on hybrid airships, as they become available from manufacturers, following type certification.  They plan to serve the needs of end users and beneficiaries across the Middle East, as well as providing technical support to independent owners and operators of both conventional and hybrid airships in this region.

The fact that the first terminal is going up should be enough to start our air and port and chamber making some serious inquiries. 30 years ago I proposed a return to streetcar/light-rail, at the time we would have been the first, today we'd take a place around 100, please don't let this opportunity fall on deaf ears.

The Internet for logistics? Jacksonville? How determined are we to truly be America's Logistics Center?  'Luftschiff Hoch!'

Cargolifter might have gotten the cart before the horse when they build a massive hanger without an airship, breaking the company the hanger became an amusement park
Photo Courtesy of: Cargolifter/Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH

True believers in some of their very unique design work, Zeppelin now has the intellectual properties and Cargolifter is back in the saddle as part of the Logistics Alliance Germany
Photo Courtesy of: Cargolifter/Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH

In the far north they are creating an operating consortium among Millennium Airship Inc. (US Corporation) and Canadian Affiliated companies in the joint operation of SkyFreighter Canada ltd.
Photo Courtesy of: SkyFreighter Canada ltd.

SkyFreighter Canada ltd.
Photo Courtesy of: SkyFreighter Canada ltd.

Does this rendering remind you of a place you know? SkyFreighter Canada ltd.
Photo Courtesy of: SkyFreighter Canada ltd.

Article by Robert W. Mann. Contact Robert at bob@metrojacksonville.com

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