CM Yarborough Releases Statement on MOCA

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Jacksonville Council President Clay Yarborough releases his statement regarding the recent MOCA Jacksonville ordeal and a recent meeting held with MOCA on December 5, 2014.

Sent directly to from Council President Clay Yarborough:

I apologized to Director Polednik for not contacting her initially. I also learned the director and board are responsible for content and have the ability to safeguard children from mature material without stifling expression, so I asked whether anything would be done to protect children exposed to a large photograph of a naked woman without having to pay admission when they enter the taxpayer-owned, public building.

Ironically, after volunteering that her child has never seen a television and when they go into private homes where a television is on, she requests it be turned off, Director Polednik’s exact response was, “Regrettably, no.”

She and Board Chair Gellatly expressed it would reflect poorly on them if they were willing to compromise.

Though I unwaveringly believe this weakens Jacksonville’s moral climate and hope the board will, at-minimum, consider a disclaimer similar to what is used in other public forums, there are other important issues that we must move on to address.

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