The CityHome: All The Furniture You Need In A Box

August 11, 2014 4 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

The CityHome is an ultra-efficient, responsive urban home, providing a hardware and software ecosystem for personal space customization. Here is a brief video of a micro-unit apartment developed by Kent Larson's Changing Places Research Group.

Learn more about CityHome and other innovative urban living research projects at MIT here:

So what is a micro-unit apartment? According to policy being considered by the City of Seattle, a micro-apartment cannot:

1. Be larger than 285 sq ft.

2. Have an oven or cooktop.

3. Be without one 120 sq ft kitchen for every eight residents.

4. Have a sink outside the bathroom.

5. Have “no more than 8 micros (or 8 unrelated individuals)…located in a micro dwelling unit.”

6. Have less than one bike parking station per four micro-unit residents.

7. Be built in single family zones.

Any chance that the CityHome or micro-unit apartments find their way to Jacksonville's urban core within the next decade?