Solomon Ventures: Where Shopping Is An Adventure

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Metro Jacksonville's Allison Wallace explores a local Jacksonville landmark: Solomon Ventures.

My family and I have been shopping at Solomon Ventures for a few years now, embracing its inviting atmosphere and variety of discounted organic foods and commodities. Every time I told people about the store, though, they had no idea what I was talking about. Their unawareness led to multiple questions, particular ones I could lend no answers to. So, I decided to pay a visit to Mr. Solomon himself.
It all started with Mr. Solomon’s father, who was in the grocery store business before he entered the salvage business in the 50s. During his childhood, Mr. Solomon helped his father with the business during summers and throughout college. What’s a salvage building you ask? It’s based upon the purchasing of overturned truck and train hauls, different warehouses, salesmen samples, and bankruptcies.  Mr. Solomon and his company sort through the purchased merchandise and sell what’s salvageable. In doing so, Mr. Solomon is able to sell his retail items at discounted prices that can’t be found in big businesses.
One of the greatest things about Solomon Ventures is that it provides health-oriented foods at really low prices, most of which are gluten free, non-GMO, certified organic, fat and sugar free. Many consumers have difficulty purchasing these foods from other stores because they’re so expensive. At Solomon’s Ventures, customers can be healthy without spending a fortune. Customers don’t have to sacrifice quantity for quality or vice versa; at Solomon’s they can have both.
What’s most alluring about Solomon Ventures is the wonderful customer service. Instead of a customer-worker relationship, Solomon’s nurtures a familial environment with its loyal patrons. Mr. Solomon says he witnesses third generation customers whose grandparents shopped with his parents. He knows roughly ninety percent of his customers, and says he truly loves them like his own family. He even lets his young grandchildren, Easa and Olivia, help him work on Saturdays. Solomon Ventures is not a job to him; it’s something he enjoys and cherishes.
My goal with this article was to spread the word, get Solomon Ventures name out there so more people could bask in its awesomeness. The bond this company shares with its customers is like no other, and it’s a bond that many more should experience in their lifetime.

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