Remembering One Spark 2014: Sights & Scenes

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Here is a brief look back at general statistics, sights and scenes from Jacksonville's second annual One Spark Festival. What did One Spark tell you about downtown Jacksonville, our city's identity and potential?

The One Spark 2014 closing ceremony, presented by Baptist Health and emceed by Al Emerick, celebrated the top finishing creator projects in art, innovation, music, science and technology at the world’s crowdfunding festival. More than 600 creator projects competed for funding and investment opportunities at One Spark 2014 and over a quarter of a million attendees came out to support the creators.

One Spark handed out five juried awards, one in each category - art, innovation, music, science and technology. Each winning project received a $10,000 check plus one free plane ticket to Berlin and guaranteed entry into One Spark Berlin. The juried awards winners are:

Art - #Project Atrium
Innovation - The Meatrix System Meat Analyzer
Music - Sidereal 2014 Takeover
Science - Neuroinitiative - Inside the Neuron!
Technology - Partpic: Visual Recognition for Replacement Parts

There were 120,923 votes cast by attendees at One Spark 2014, and the top-voted winners in each category, art, innovation, music, science and technology, also received additional awards of $10,000. The three top-voted creator projects in each category with crowdfunding and award totals are:

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