One Spark Exposes Local Music Scene

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Music lovers got a taste of local talent as budding Jacksonville musicians turned out in force to entertain festival goers on the One Spark Music Stage at the Jacksonville Landing on Friday, April 11th.

The audience enjoyed a picturesque view of the stage, set on the magnificent St. John’s River, as well as various Creator booths set up throughout the Landing.  The participating bands only had about fifteen minutes on stage, and they made every minute count by choosing to play their most energetic, crowd-pleasing tracks in hopes of gaining votes. I wandered in and out of the Landing as I explored the festival. Every time I returned to the One Spark Music Stage, I found more and more music fans camped out to enjoy the amazing weather, and of course, some free live entertainment. The revolving set of musical genres on stage left something for everyone to enjoy, from reggae, ska and punk, to bluegrass, rock and country.

Though the various musical acts might have been competing for votes, there was still a sense of local unity and encouragement to be found as the lead vocalist of Cougar Barrel urged the audience, “There’s a lot of talent up here, if you hear something you like, vote for it.”

My personal favorites included reggae act, Sidereal, who is looking to embark on an international tour, Cougar Barrel, a newgrass, folk rock project that is trying to record their first studio album, and Chieforia, an eclectic act with ska, funk, reggae and punk elements, that hopes to go on tour later this year. One Spark is a great opportunity to support local musicians, and a progressive step in the further expansion of Jacksonville’s local music scene.

Editorial by Emma Cole