Jacksonville Hole in the Wall Restaurants, Part V

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A hole in the wall "scandal" and four more restaurants to check out.

A Hole In The Wall "scandal"?  A few months ago a thread was launched on Yelp about the "Hole in the Wall" series.  Why? Well, I felt totally free to use some of the images associated with the chosen restaurants from the Yelp site.

Common courtesy should suggest that I attribute the image to the user but the terms & conditions of Yelp seem to suggest that once an image is uploaded it, in so many words, goes into the "public domain". This wasn’t about me taking credit for a photo as some suggested. I don’t need to feign attribution to cell phone imagery. It was about showing the food that “belongs” to the restaurant.

Many don't agree with my sentiment as I don't think it's as big of a deal as some have made it out to be. However, a few of the end users of Yelp were not too happy to see their images posted without recognition. That is understandable. I should have provided attribution. To those whose images I used without properly crediting, I apologize.

For every restaurant I've featured I have always included a link to their Yelp.com and UrbanSpoon.com profiles. I enjoy the Yelp and UrbanSpoon communities. The reviews and images are ones that I want plenty of others to experience as they look through Hole in the Wall...that's why I link to the restaurants' profiles so other reviews can be read and more pictures (including the ones I used) can be seen.

The MetroJacksonville.com thread on the matter here.

The Yelp thread on the matter here.

Here's the reason I don't always take my own photos. I find that it significantly detracts from the experience and it always puts the restaurateurs on edge, making them, at times, somewhat confrontational.

I also don't like to tell restaurateurs that I’m writing about their restaurant because invariably I am asked "so, how was it...?" And, unless it's good I don't want to have a conversation about their watery queso dip. My preference is complete anonymity and that doesn't happen when I'm pulling out my phone and taking pictures. Still, I do take pictures.

Again, my apologies to the offended Yelpers.  Going forward, images that don't belong to me will be properly attributed and I'll link to the posters profile.

With that said, it has been a long time since the last series. I'm excited about this installment. I'm continually blown away by Jacksonville's unique restaurant heritage. We have some of the oldest deli's in this city and I think we have a couple of pretty solid niches; mainly, Vietnamese and Jamaican/Caribbean.

In this installment I picked out four more restaurants that I think stand out. Let me know what you think.

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