Introducing Jaxsons Night Market

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The future of downtown Jacksonville gets better by the minute. Fresh off the heals of a successful One Spark 2014 Festival, Jaxsons Night Market launches in the heart of downtown tonight.

Downtown needs more signature monthly events like Art Walk and Community First Saturdays. In the wake of One Spark, it’s clear that there is an abundant demand for a vibrant urban environment.  Jaxsons Night Market seeks to fill that void by establishing a monthly market featuring local, craft and artisan entrepreneurs. For Jaxsons, by Jaxsons the heavily food-focused market celebrates the people who make North Florida unique.

Organized by longtime Metro Jacksonville discussion board member, Transform Jax and Jax Truckies co-founder, Mike Field and sponsored by Black Hog Farms, Burrito Gallery and Intuition Ale Works, Jaxsons Night Market is the first of its kind in North Florida.

During a recent Jacksonville Business Journal interview with Ashley Gurbal Kritzer, Mike Field mentioned that “Downtown needs more reasons for people to come down, and Art Walk is such a great excuse for people to come Downtown that normally wouldn’t come Downtown. This is a different kind of monthly event that has a different spin.”

Popular on the West Coast, Night markets or night bazaars are street markets which operate at night and are generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating than more businesslike day markets.

If people are yearning for something different and special to do in downtown, Jaxsons Night Market is destined to fill the void. Tonight's inaugural market features over 20 local street and artisan vendors. Street food vendors include Heart & Seoul, Hawkers, Pele's Wood Fire, Dig Foods, Super Food Truck, Smoke It Up BBQ, Soup to Nuts and What's the Catch.  Artisan food vendors include The Hyppo, Community Loaves, Liberty Bakery, Gastrognome, Fresh Jax, Conscious Eats, Down To Earth Farm, Alvarez Farm, Black Hog Farms, Meteor Street Produce, Sunrawise, Producing Edibles and Byrds Nest Soaps.

If these local businesses don't already have you excited, other highlights include an Intuition Ale Works Craft Beer Garden and several local clothing manufacturers and retailers.

Jaxson's Night Market operates this evening and every third Thursday of the month from 6:30-9:30pm at the corner of Main and Adams Streets (in the Burrito Gallery parking lot) rain or shine.

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