Why Move to Jacksonville?

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Tali Wee of Zillow provides a few reasons for why people should consider relocating to Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Neighborhood Home Values Rebounding. Courtesy of Zillow.com

Choosing between living in the city or suburbs can be tough when planning a move to a large metropolitan area. However, Jacksonville has quality features that many surrounding areas do not.
Check out what Jacksonville has to offer and learn why it is a preferred destination for home shoppers.


The population of Jacksonville is 840,035 people, making it the largest city in Florida. However, the high number of residents should not deter homebuyers, as it is more accessible than some smaller cities. Miami, the second largest city in Florida, has less than half the population at 401,612, but the average commute time is high at 29 minutes. Although populated, the commute time in Jacksonville is less, at an estimated 26 minutes, the same as the U.S. national average.

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