Talking about Tossgreen with Manali Patel

September 22, 2013 7 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article shares their interview with Manali Patel, owner of Tossgreen.

7. Why did you decide to put together burritos and salads, rather than something traditional like soup and salads or sandwiches and salads?

We started with salads and burritos and will be introducing soups and wraps shortly. A lot of people like a really good salad but there's also a lot of people who like something a bit heavier, which is why we've included the burritos and the burrito bowls on our menu. A lot of times a man and a woman will come in together and the woman will order a salad and the man a burrito. But not always! Sometimes it's the other way around.

8. Can you tell us anything about the soups?

We're still working on them now, but they'll be 100% natural, just like the rest of our menu.

9. Who is the audience for Tossgreen?

It’s a fast, healthy, casual restaurant that is prefect for the entire family.

... how do kids react to salad?

Well, really little kids may prefer deep fried chicken fingers, and we don't offer things like that. But teenagers and anyone who wants to eat clean, fresh and healthy food will be attracted to Tossgreen.

I was surprised by how many men are eating salads. We offered the burritos because we thought that's what men would want, and a lot do. But I have to say that a lot of men are also eating the salads. We get a lot of businessmen for lunch.

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