Southside Construction Update - September 2013

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A brief look at the status of various projects under construction in and around Jacksonville's Edge City, the Southside.

What is an Edge City?

Over the Southside's Blue Cross Blue Shield campus.

The term, Edge City, was popularized in the 1991 book Edge City: Life on the New Frontier by Joel Garreau, who established its current meaning while working as a reporter for the Washington Post. Garreau argues that the edge city has become the standard form of urban growth worldwide, representing a 20th-century urban form unlike that of the 19th-century central downtown.

Edge Cities typically consist of mid-rise office towers surrounded by massive surface parking lots and manicured lawns.  Instead of a traditional street grid, their infrastructure networks consist of winding parkways (often lacking sidewalks) that feed into arterial roads and freeway ramps.  They develop at or near freeway intersections and airports and they rarely include heavy industry.  They are large geographically because they are built at automobile scale.

Edge Cities are impossible without the automobile. In Jacksonville, the Southside, specially the JTB corridor, has developed into our first true Edge City. Because the Southside is our only emerging Edge City and in the midst of a development boom, we have decided to expand our monthly construction updates to include this area of Jacksonville.


September 2013 Construction Update

1. The Hacienda

Perimeter Realty's The Hacienda, on Baymeadows Road East will bring 300 multifamily units to the area.  Perimeter recently completed the 252-unit Cabana Club multifamily development on a site across the street.

2. Spyglass

Perimeter Realty Inc. recently announced the pending construction of their next rental community, Spyglass.  The 220-unit apartment complex site is located near The Hacienda, at the intersection of East Baymeadows Road and Sweetwater Parkway.

3. The Hawthorne

Construction continues on the Hawthorne by Arlington Properties of Birmingham, AL. Located at 8150 Point Meadows Drive, this development will add 239 units to the Southside's rapidly increasing apartment inventory. The Hawthorne is under construction near Twin Lakes Middle School at I-295 and Baymeadows Road.

4. The Public House

Construction continues on The Public House, an Irish pub and restaurant, at the old Times Grill/Bubba Burger location on Baymeadows Road near Interstate 295.

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