In Two Months...

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The TEDxJacksonville team describes what to expect at their inaugural event.

In two months, on October 26, at 10am, the doors to WJCT will open to 300 individuals, for Jacksonville’s inaugural TEDx event.

How can we accurately describe what you will find at this conference?

We can promise you that there will be talks – wonderful, enticing talks where presenters, in the span of 20 short minutes, engage you in ideas that will change the way you look at the world.

We can also promise you that there will be food – delicious food born of the spirit of collaboration and connections. Two of our city’s leading restaurants, Biscottis and Black Sheep, are coming together to join with the Clara White Mission to cater the food for TEDxJacksonville. The caterers are working non-stop to grow, build and put together an amazing spread for the evening. This speaks to the amazing partnerships that are being developed around our city for this event.

TEDxJacksonville at MOSH

TEDxJacksonville at MOSH

TEDxJacksonville at MOSH

TEDxJacksonville at MOSH

There will also be conversations – 300 intelligent individuals conversing about ideas that stimulate and inspire them, dialogues will be begun that will have the ability to change thinking, break down barriers – transcending generations, cultures and genders.

There will be a gleeful energy – energy and enthusiasm that will make you believe, that come what may, ideas can make right what is missing in our community.

And above all this will be the experience of being present at a conference where a thirst for knowledge, a desire for change and a mutual love for our great city abounds.

And how do we know this will happen? Because we, your TEDxJacksonville team, have been working non-stop for a year to bring the TEDx experience to Jacksonville.

We believe our city is on the cusp of change – sparks are being ignited, perceptions are being challenged, and our citizenry’s innate hunger for knowledge is attracting ideas worth spreading. A platform like TEDxJacksonville puts our city on the map in a staggering way.

Jacksonville is one of 800 cities around the world to have hosted a TEDx event.  Every talk filmed at a TEDx event is placed on the TEDxTalks channel on YouTube. This makes our presenters part of a channel that has received over 54 million views.

We’re grateful to be part of this global movement and we would love for you to join us. We want to challenge thinking, create new leaders and inform our audience of the happenings right outside their door. Help us do so by becoming part of TEDxJacksonville. Apply today to be an audience member.