Downtown Beautification: Orlando

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Orlando wants to have a "big city" downtown. While not there yet, it's well on its way. Over the last decade, the skyline has doubled in size and the number of downtown residents has increased to 12,000. From Bus Rapid Transit and commuter rail to allowing billboards, sidewalk dining and attracting suburban colleges to invest in the core, the elements of urbanism that Jacksonville continues to struggle to embrace are finding a way to flourish in this urban setting. Nevertheless, what really stands out is the high level of service applied to keeping the streets clean and public spaces well landscaped and maintained. Metro Jacksonville wants you to see for yourself. Here is a brief look at the streets of downtown Orlando.


Infill apartment buildings by Texas-based Post Properties line Central Boulevard between downtown and Thornton Park.


Post Properties' developments feature retail at street level along Central Boulevard.


The entrance of downtown Orlando's Publix Supermarket.


Dynetech Centre was completed in 2008.


A look at Lake Eola.


A mixed use development on Summerlin Avenue.


The Winnie Palmer Hospital is located just south of downtown Orlando.


Expansion is under way on Orlando Health's medical campus on the south end of downtown Orlando.


The Orlando Amtrak station is within walking distance of Orlando Health's medical campus. Platforms for Sunrail are currently being added to this station as well.


The Plaza is an infill mixed use project that was developed by Cameron Kuhn in 2006.  Around the same time, Kuhn made a major splash in Jacksonville, acquiring several buildings, including the Suntrust Tower, Barnett Bank Building and Laura Trio.  Unfortunately, Florida's economy went downhill before Kuhn could work his early 21st century revitalization magic in Jacksonville.

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