Net Worth of Jax Council Members

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Every year all elected officials in Florida are required to submit a "Financial Disclosure Form". This form breaks down the official's assets, liabilities and sources of income. It's purpose is to keep officials transparent about where their monetary interests exist.

Although it may be a bit of financial voyeurism that causes the general public/journalists to review these self-disclosed Financial Disclosure Forms (Form 6), there is still a very practical need to know this information about Jacksonville's elected officials. It boils down to looking for "conflicts of interest". It is the the major reason why this form must be filled out and submitted annually to Florida Commission on Ethics, before July 1 of each year, by our elected officials.

What matters more here is not their actual net worth. It's how and where their money is made that matters most. If proposed legislation has the potential to impact their income the official has an obligation to clearly state their bias and/or recuse themselves from a vote. But, it's also the responsibility of the constituents to be aware of where officials may be more self-interested than public-interested.  As the Florida Commission on Ethics writes "The disclosure process serves to remind officials of their obligation to put the public interest above personal considerations." This information is about keeping officials accountable. One shouldn't just run through the numbers without looking into the sources.

Except for District 10's Reginald Brown all of Jacksonville's members of council have turned in their forms for 2012. Councilman Reginald Brown has not submitted a form in two years and has been fined $125.00. Councilman Clark has submitted his form but it is not online for reference, yet.

There are approximately two council members listed per page in ascending order, by their net worth.

For a list of the council members and the page they are located go to the comments section.

Article by Arash Kamiar

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