What to Expect at TEDxJacksonville

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Just because you're not at TEDxJacksonville doesn't mean you shouldn't share in the experience. We'll keep you updated through out the day.

What To Expect on 10/26

You've received your golden ticket and secured your seat. Now, we all patiently wait for Saturday's main event. To help appease your anticipation we thought it might be helpful to let you know a little bit about what you can expect at TEDxJacksonville Connecting Currents.

Expect to be expected.

Saturday morning when participants arrive at WJCT, they'll check in to the event and receive their name badge. Our audience selection process was important to ensure diverse, thoughtful and engaged attendees. TEDxJacksonville chose participants based on those merits, and we want to be sure the folks we selected are in fact the same folks that actually attend.

Expect to connect.

Don't worry, our TEDsters know that connection in the morning without caffeine can be a challenge. Although we are all for challenging ourselves, there will be coffee at the ready. Namebadges will serve as a starting point for discussion and will even align your meal-time table peers. We've planned several engagement activities that will give you a lot to talk about but we encourage you to take it upon yourselves to mix it up by sitting somewhere new each session and striking up conversation with a stranger. After all, you already have an interest in TED as something in common.

After being enlightened and inspired by all of the presentations, we know you'll have even more to talk about. This is why we'll unwind the day-long conference with an after party so you can mix and mingle while continuing the spread of ideas through a happy hour-style meeting of the minds. Also, don't forget you can study up on other TEDxJacksonville attendees before Saturday and connect post-conference using the Feathr app.
Expect some rules.

TED granted us a license for our event, and we'll even have a guest from TED in-house, so we want to make them proud! All talks and performances will be filmed and our hope is for our content to be featured by TED. Although only 2% of TEDx talks end up on TED.com, we are incredibly hopeful ours will. Help us reach that goal and put Jacksonville on the TED map by ensuring the production quality of our recording stays in tact. To do so, please refrain from flash photography and video recording inside the studio and please make sure your cell phone doesn't make a peep. Also, be sure you're on time to each session. If anyone is late we won't be able to let them in until the next break as to not sacrifice the recording.

Expect a TED experience.

Prepare to be surprised, enlightened and engaged. You'll experience a day full of carefully prepared live talks, demonstrations and performances on a wide variety of subjects that are free of any commercial, religious and political bias or agenda. Our goal is to foster learning, inspiration and wonder while provoking conversations that matter. And, we're pretty confident three full sessions of live talks and performances mixed with hand selected pre-recorded TEDTalks will do just that.

We know, Saturday feels like an eternity away. But don't worry, we'll be connecting currents and spreading ideas before we know it. In the meantime, follow the conversation at Facebook.com/TEDxJacksonville, on Twitter @TEDxJax and on Instagram @TEDxJacksonville