Seattle: America's Next Big Gateway

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At last week's Consolidation Task Force meeting, task force member Kay Ehas asked Paul Crawford of the Office of Economic Development (OED) if our local government was aware of what it takes to retain young professionals and if we are doing anything about it. That question went unanswered. With this in mind, Metro Jacksonville shares a photo essay of Seattle by a young professional from Jacksonville, who now lives on the West Coast. Seattle is nationally recognized as a thriving city for millennials. Compare this environment with what you know of Jacksonville and decide for yourself if we know what we're doing to retain young professionals.


Westlake Center, is the hub of Seattle transit (Light Rail, buses, monorail), tourism (hotels), and shopping. Located at the corner of 5th Ave and Pine, it is across the street from Nordstrom's headquarters and flagship store.



South Lake Union: Every real estate investor’s dream of a submarket. Look at all the tower cranes in the area!



Much better views in my opinion at the Space Needle, but the line is a little ridiculous and it is a ripoff.






Now that’s quality infill…guess residents will have to find street parking or take the bus as they probably already do!

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