Neighborhoods: San Jose's Skinner's Pasture

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look into the development of an portion of San Jose that was known as Skinner's Pasture for most of the 20th Century.

24. Body Central

Founded in 1972, Body Central is in the process of relocating their headquarters and distribution center from 6225 Powers Avenue to One Imeson in North Jacksonville. The Jacksonville-based fashion retailer will move from a 179,000 square foot building into a 400,000 square foot facility. Body Central will retain 145 permanent jobs and create 52 new jobs with an average salary, exclusive of benefits, of $66,400, by December 2017.

25. S&P USA

S&P is the world's leading producer of air movement products. S&P manufactures and supplies fans, dampers, louvers and recovery ventilators (ERVs). Their USA operations are based out of a 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility at 6393 Powers Avenue.

26. Southeastern Paper Group

This Heritage Paper Company, Inc. was recently acquired by Spartanburg, SC-based Southeastern Paper Group. Heritage Paper Company, Inc. is a distribution company with 41 years of experience providing world-class quality service to the restaurant, lodging, healthcare, school and government markets throughout the southeastern United States.

27. Bill Thrower Company

Established in 1960, the Bill Thrower Company is a building supply dealer serving Jacksonville over 50 years.

28. A Slice of the Old Southside

Most of the land that made up Skinner's Pasture was developed over 30 years ago.  However, a drive through the neighborhood's side streets reveals scenery from the days of Meadowbrook Farms' dairy operation.



Article by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at

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