Bus Rapid Transit Coming To Jacksonville

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The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) wants to bring Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to Jacksonville. However, there's a lot of confusion about what's coming to Jacksonville is and isn't. Here's a glimpse at what's headed to our streets.

What is BRT?

In general, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) aims to combine the speed and attractiveness of a light rail system with the flexibility and simplicity of a bus system. To be considered BRT, buses should operate for a significant part of their journey within a fully dedicated right of way (busway), in order to avoid traffic congestion. The EmX is a successful example of a BRT system operating within its own dedicated right of way.

The EmX - Eugene, Oregon

As shown in the Oregon example, true BRT systems typically include most of the following elements:

- A busway alignment in the center of the road (to avoid typical curb-side delays)

- Stations with off-board fare collection (to reduce boarding and alighting delay related to paying the driver)

- Station platforms level with the bus floor (to reduce boarding and alighting delay caused by steps)

- Bus priority at intersections (to avoid intersection signal delay)

What's Coming to Jacksonville

A map of JTA's proposed BRT system

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