Bold City Brigade and the Teal Street Hooligans

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The Jags are having an awful year, but their fans continue to celebrate the team by throwing some of the best parties in recent football memory. There are two Jaguars Supporters Groups, the Teal Street Hooligans and the Bold City Brigade, whose membership numbers are growing at an incredible rate, in spite of the Jags’ terrible scores.

The Hooligans and the Brigade gather outside of the stadium before each game at the intersection of Duval and Bryan.  To say the two groups take over the parking lot is an understatement; to say they own the parking lot is more appropriate.  Jaguars’ fans enter the lot in hoards, coming not just for food, beverage, and music, but for the camaraderie; the mutual passion for their local NFL team and the love of their city.  

On September 8th the BCB put together the ultimate tailgate party just in time for the Jag’s opening game, but more specifically to celebrate the Brigade’s amazing growth.  They had free food from Smoke It Up BBQ and a variety of free beer from Engine 15 Brewing Co. Of Jacksonville Beach for anyone who was 21 and up and was a member of the Brigade.  The Teal Street Hooligans had the ever-present Circle Up, which is the initiation into their group.  Everyone forms a circle and a number of people run around the inside, receiving high-fives from those on the outside, and then shotgun a can of beer.  The cheers conclude the initiation and the runners have become Hooligans members.  

It wouldn’t have been party without a visit from Jaxson deVille, so he showed up and showed off his dance skills.  He also posed for a huge group picture with fans, owning up to the title “Self Proclaimed Greatest Mascot to Ever Breathe Air”.

The highlight of the party was a surprise performance from local musician, Flawda Water, whose song “Duval” charged the crowd like an electric surge.  People rushed to gather around him and by the end of the song, everyone was hyped up and ready to see their team play for their city.  After performing, Flawda Water walked around to meet everyone.  He took the time to shake hands with Jags fans and take photos with them, smiling the entire time, making them feel more like friends than strangers.  Let’s hope this is not his last performance at the BCB tailgate parties or events.

So even though the Jaguars lost against the Chiefs that day (and every game since then), their fans are still going strong – and continue to grow in number and in enthusiasm.   The two, ahem, Jaguars’ Supporters Groups, have more plans for upcoming games and any other event they decide is worth celebrating.  To join the Brigade, go to their website or better yet, come to Duval and Bryan at the next game.  You will have a blast.

Editorial by Kelsi Hasden