Behind the Scenes at TEDxJacksonville: Food & Audience

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Looking into the coming TEDxJacksonville event.

Beyond actively listening to speakers and performers, an enlightening experience is planned for TEDxJacksonville participants even between sessions and during meals.

Carrying the Connecting Currents theme through the experience, audience members will connect with each other by actively participating in several engagement activities planned to stimulate dialogue and bridge connections.

As attendees enter WJCT for the event on October 26, they'll have the opportunity to learn where other participants hail from as well as share what Northeast Florida neighborhoods they may have not yet had the opportunity to explore. This map will remind audience members of the diversity amongst them, chart the representation at the event and illustrate the many opportunities for exploration of our region.

A shared-knowledge board will give a sense of the audience's thoughtfulness and inquiry about our city as well as the reasons they treasure the town. Participants are encouraged to to share their thoughts to generate discussion and demonstrate the unique knowledge each person brings to the TEDxJacksonville experience.

An app called Feathr, developed in Gainesville, will establish the network of TEDxJacksonville participants, organizers, sponsors, speakers and performers and provide a place for them to connect with each other before, during and after the event. The hope is that Feathr will facilitate the conversations and connections, conference attendees are able to network easily.

The TEDx team’s mindfulness in providing a connected, localized and collaborative conference is even apparent in meal planning. Meals will be provided through a collaboration of three local restaurants and catering companies - Black Sheep, Biscotti's and Ashley Street Catering.


The menu will consist of locally sourced meals with options for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters-- yet another touch point for participants to exchange views and discuss values during a shared experience. Seating for meals will bring together speakers, performers, organizers and attendees so that even mealtime can be a conduit for idea sharing. | |


We're happy to be partnered with TEDxJacksonville 2013. The all volunteer team at TEDxJacksonville is working incredibly hard to pull their events together, for the 2nd time! Last year's events were a major success for the community. The events were sold out but more importantly, as a result of their efforts, we all became a bit smarter as we gleaned knowledge and insight from Jacksonville's intelligentsia. has always believed that bringing attention and accolades to our local thinkers, innovators and creatives is one of the best ways to develop and celebrate our unique Jacksonville culture. Our city is filled with revolutionary, thought-provoking people and TEDxJacksonville is a perfect conduit to highlight at least some of the people who are making our city special.

TEDxJacksonville team is providing with information about their event and the people connected to it. We'll be posting their commentary to the front page. Their team is completely open to dialoguing as they want to provide as much behind the scenes insight as they can.

We're excited to be working with this group of bright and motivated individuals on the TEDxJacksonville project.