Making “The Connector” a Reality

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Metro Jacksonville's Kristen Pickrell highlights the attempt by Void Magazine and The Elbow to bridge the gap between two of Jacksonville’s hottest night scenes with transit.

Nowadays, everything is all about the connections you make, and transportation is no exception to this rule.

“The Connector” is an ongoing project proposal to do exactly this—connect. Brought to you by both Void Magazine and The Elbow, The Connector would provide fast and reliable shuttle services between Downtown Jax and the Beaches.

“The crowdfunding campaign, which launched on November 1, was the first step towards action. Void and The Elbow came together to inspire community participation through the crowding campaign” said Stevan Schwartzenberger, the publicist for The Connector project.

The proposal for The Connector includes two luxurious buses that would go back and forth between a designated spot in both the city and the beach. Costs for the shuttle ride would be $5 one-way, or $8 round trip. The shuttles would run from 7 pm to 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays, arriving and going on the hour, every hour. But bringing The Connector to Jacksonville would do more than simply unite two flourishing areas—The Connector would also reduce carbon emissions, lessen the amount of drunk driving accidents, stimulate the economy, and create new jobs in the area.

After the launch of the initial crowding campaign, major faces of the of The Connector project such as The Elbow’s Grant Nielsen and Trey Hebron, as well as Void’s Eddie Berrang, Aaron Meisenheimer, and Tye Wallace, have been working hard to gain the city’s attention. “With any start up, there are always challenges,” Schwartzenberger says, “However, Void and The Elbow are confident that their vision coupled with the support of this great city will make this project a reality."

The crowding campaign comes to a close at the end of this month, with a goal to reach $100,000. “If everyone donated $9-10 dollars, the buses would be up and running. However, we understand it's the holiday season,” says Schwartzenberger “With that said, spreading the word about The Connector via Social Media is a great way to generate more awareness.”

The Connector will be an important and appropriate addition to the city of Jacksonville. Everyone is encouraged to help spread the word about this project. If you wish to make a donation to the campaign, you can do so by visiting or

Article by Kristen Pickrell