Local Musical Acts You Should Get to Know, Part I

November 9, 2013 3 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

John Scott of WQIK fame is back with a list of Jacksonville's musicians that we should know.

I’ve hosted a show on 99.1 WQIK that spotlights local talent. When I first threw out the idea, I wasn’t sure there were enough acts that were “country” enough for our station and good enough for airplay. I was gladly overwhelmed with the talent pool. I have featured nearly 60 different acts on the show over the past few years and through the regular connections that come with the show, I’ve met some other groups that have not been on the show, but have blown me away. This is in no way a comprehensive or definitive list (all of these acts either reached out to me at some point or somehow I got their music), just some really talented folks I brag on when someone asks me about local music in the area.

By no means would I call this a definitive list, and instead of shouting out a “why didn’t they mention (artist)?”  in the comments section below, please email me a link to that artist at johnscott@wqik.com in hopes I can help spread the word about them on the radio and in future articles for MetroJacksonville.com.

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