The Bridges of Downtown Jacksonville

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Connecting the city for travel and commerce, they create an an urban environment that is unique in the Southeast. They are the six bridges of downtown Jacksonville.

6. Isaiah David Hart Bridge

The Hart Bridge in 1981. Courtesy of the State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

This structure is named after the founder of Jacksonville, Isaiah David Hart.  Completed in 1967, it was the last river crossing to be constructed in downtown before the Acosta and Fuller Warren replacements. It was envisioned to be a part of an expressway to the beach that was never completed. The Hart Bridge's cantilever steel truss structure makes it a unique addition to the urban landscape. Referred to as the "Green Monster", the Hart stretches 3,844 feet across the river with a clearance below of 141 feet.

Together the FEC, Acosta, Main, Mathews, Fuller Warren, and Hart Bridges combine to give downtown a visual appeal that can't be recreated anywhere else.

Article by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at

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