Suburban Density: Bartram Park

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It's the opposite of Riverside/Avondale and an urbanite's kryptonite. However, this development is designed to pack in 9,700 residential units and 2 million square feet of commercial/office space: Bartram Park

Bartram Park Photo Tour: Infrastructure

Completed in 2007, Bartram Park Boulevard serves as the development's main roadway.  The wide heavily landscaped context sensitive parkway features wide sidewalks and bicycle lanes. However, multimodal accessibility to the corridor is limited by the "one-way in/one-way out" design of adjacent gated communities.

The current construction of State Road 9B will facilitate additional growth at Bartram Park. The eventual completion of the project will open the remaining rural sections of Race Track Road to new development via direct connectivity to Interstate 95. This future commercial corridor will be anchored by Bass Pro Shops, which plans to build a 104,000 store near the intersection of Bartram Park Boulevard and Race Track Road. The store will be situated within a 40 acre area that includes a 14- acre lake that will be managed for trophy bass and youth and community events.

Bartram Park is located along Interstate 95 between Old St. Augustine Road and Racetrack Road.

Article by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at

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