Neighborhoods: Empire Point

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Located outside of Jacksonville until the city's consolidation with Duval County, this Southside neighborhood is home to many residences dating back to the 19th century.

Random Empire Point

Atlantic Boulevard

Jork Road

Somerville/Sheffield/Harbor Drive

Mayfair Road

Mayfair Road parallels Millers Creek. Named after David Solomon Hill Miller, the creek served as the west boundary of Reuben Hogans' Spanish land grant. Miller first settled in the area in 1799 and married Anna Hogans Bagley. Miller served Spain as Capt. Rural Militia of the St. Johns River, San Nicolas District and as Deputy Surveyor. He surveyed the streets of Jacksonville when it was founded in June 1822.

Empire Point is located along Atlantic Boulevard, near the highway's interchange with the Hart Bridge Expressway.

Article by Ennis Davis

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