A Streetcar for Downtown Fort Lauderdale

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While we continue to sell the benefits of a streetcar for urban revitalization efforts, another Florida city is prepared to implement their own downtown system. Today, Metro Jacksonville takes a look at Fort Lauderdale's proposed streetcar system.

Video of proposed Wave streetcar route.

About The Wave Streetcar

The Wave is a 2.7 mile streetcar system that will serve as a local circulator in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Once people get to Downtown, they will be able to move around without having to use their vehicle.

It will have 10 stations reflective of the character of the specific area, which will be solar powered and will feature real time information (technology that communicates when the next vehicle will be arriving at the station) and informational kiosks displaying destinations/attractions in the downtown, as well as upcoming community events.
There will be streetscape improvements around the stations, to include pedestrian crosswalks, shade trees, lighting, and improved sidewalks.

A traffic signalization package is also part of the Wave, which will help maintain headways (how long you will have to wait at a station for a streetcar vehicle to pick you up) of 7.5 minutes during peak periods and 10 minutes during off peak periods.

Project Benefits

Project BenefitsEarly on in the process, goals and objectives were established for the project covering many areas, to include: mobility, accessibility, connectivity, economic development, land use, equitability, and environmental sustainability.

As seen in other cities with streetcar systems, these type of systems help to achieve all of the above. It is expected that the Wave will:

- Create 1,200 construction and related jobs, as well as 50 full-time permanent positions

- Encourage private investment to bring new housing, shops, restaurants, and retail opportunities (which equals more jobs)

- Connect Downtown's many points of interest and link to the regional transit network

- Increase foot traffic due to improved pedestrian amenities

- Direct growth to the urban core and away from our surrounding neighborhoods

- Serve as a catalyst to advance the planned, regional rail systems

The Wave is anticipated to start operating in 2016. The 2.7-mile modern streetcar system will cost $142.6 million to construct.

For more information: http://wavestreetcar.com/home