Interview with the designers of YUZU

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Jacksonville Fashion Week is swiftly upon us! Amongst the local designers are the silk driven duo that comprises "YUZU". Yleya Turchin and Zula Khramov are the designers behind the label and already their products are in stores throughout the country. YUZU will be a featured brand during Jacksonville Fashion Week 2013. Join us after the Jump for an intro to these designing women!

When Yuleya Turchin and Zula Khramov, designers for their own labels, Yleya Vega Atelier and ZulaStudio, decided to join their fashion esthetics into one, the birth of YUZU seemed the most organic way to put the two names together… and it sounded so fresh and very new… until they realized that the fruit of their labor was actually…  a fruit that grows from the yuzu tree.

As spiritual human beings, Yuleya and Zula saw a sign in this, and were inspired by how one path inevitably crosses another and the way things that are meant to be grow out from seemingly disconnected acts.

That’s how YUZU ZEN came to be a seamless way to integrate philosophy and function, a bridge between spirit and style, urbanity and art, concept and sensitivity.

Why? (existential. answer any way you want)
Nobody knows why. If anybody knew there wouldn't be any sense in being born, living your life and dying. We are born to find out why, and our life is the answer. Because life is about the journey itself not reaching the destination.

What do you want to say with your style?
Our style, we would like to believe, has a bit more to it than just a fashion idea. We've built it around a brand philosophy. We are here to remind you of the small things, like the joy of a sunrise, the breath of the wind, the touch of rain. The small things, that will help you find balance in your stressful life.

Which designers are you inspired by?
We look up to the great American designer Ralph Lauren. His ability to find his customer, to channel his ideas through their cultural beliefs, and to present it in a simple but luxurious package - we find that very inspiring.

What fabrics do you like to use? Why?
We use organic fibers of bamboo, modal, cotton, hemp, and other organic blends. Working with organic materials is the right choice for the modern entrepreneur concerned about global ecology, and it's the obvious choice for making top quality products. Organic bamboo and modal are the materials that strike the consumer the most by their advanced qualities, and those fibers are even more eco-sufficient than ordinary cotton and linen.

Where are you at in your career? What are your goals?
YuZu Zen is not even one year old, but we already sell in quiet a few states, 3 countries, many boutiques, including Nordstrom's Treasure&Bond; in SoHo NYC, and numerous on-line joints. We are determined to become a household name one day in the future.

What do you want Jacksonville to know about you?
We would like for Jacksonville to know that we are local, home-grown designers, that appreciate our city's fashion potential. We could use your support in our journey. Please visit Bella Vita Salon and Boutique in Jacksonville beach, and Capri Boutique in Atlantic beach. They carry our products. You may also check our website for more information.

Yleya Turchin and Zula Khramov