Jacksonville's libraries should not be closed!

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A Jacksonville resident reaches out to Metro Jacksonville to share his concerns about the possible closing of several public library branch locations across the city.

Closing 6 libraries in Duval County is a real problem. A county with high unemployment, crime and poverty rate cannot afford closing those libraries.

Many people depend on the libraries for many things. They use the internet to look for jobs. They borrow the books because they can’t afford buying them. They meet there for book clubs or to study. What will those people do after closing the libraries? Libraries are not a luxury. They are necessities especially in this economy. Libraries play an important role in poor and middle class people’s life.

We should even have more libraries. We should not have to choose between two evils. There should be other alternatives to fix the budget. Fixing the budget on the people’s account should not be acceptable.

Libraries are the source of information. We need to have libraries if we want to have educated and cultured residents. Without education and culture, the crime rate will get higher and higher. Libraries actually save money for the city in the long run. They also help to build new informed generations. In addition, people will not be able to make a right decision without having the information.

Closing those libraries to me is a message that those people have no right to have access to the information. In other words, they are not allowed to be informed.

Libraries do not only provide services, but they also provide employment.

Closing libraries also means more unemployment. The librarians will have no jobs. The city cannot afford more unemployment. Unemployment means less spending and worse economy.

We need to make everybody aware of this issue; otherwise, the libraries will be closed. We have no time. This is not just a political issue. This has an effect on people’s life. We all will be affected by this decision.

Editorial by Nader Andrews of Jacksonville, FL

Branch Libraries on the Chopping Block

8375 Maxville Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32234

3725 Pearl Street
Jacksonville, FL 32206

San Marco
1513 LaSalle Street
Jacksonville, FL 32207

2875 Park Street
Jacksonville, FL 32205

University Park
3435 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32277

600 3rd Street
Neptune Beach, FL 32266

Want to Help?

Want to help?  You can help gather signatures on petitions for a vote to create a special taxing district for the libraries as so many other Florida cities have done to give them a dedicated and not politically controlled source of funding.


Email: savejaxlibraries@gmail.com

Save Our Public Libraries, Inc.
P.O. Box 380057
Jacksonville, FL 32205-0557

Volunteers may contact: Helene Kamps-Stewart at 904-571-2716 John Hall
at 904-384-8338