Urban Trends We Hope Die in 2013

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According to The Atlantic Cities journalist Emily Badger, our transportation landscape is increasingly fragmented into single-mode interest groups who behave as if transportation infrastructure is a zero-sum game that can only be won by one form of locomotion at the expense of all the others. Here is a collaborative list of emerging trends across the world's major cities that the popular urban policy organization would like to see die in 2013.

1. Pedestrians fighting bikers. Bikers fighting drivers. Bus riders fighting train commuters.

2. Moving away from hybrid cars.

3. Using public transportation to advance a hate-filled agenda.

4. Building facilities for the Olympics that have no real use afterwards.

5. Lax attitudes about subway "griding."

6. Downtown casinos.

7. Focusing on fancy bike lanes.

8. Yarn bombing.

9. Selling naming rights to transit stations.

10. Pop-ups.

Source: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/arts-and-lifestyle/2012/12/urban-trends-we-hope-die-2013/4240/

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