JTA Unveils Major Reorganization Plan

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The Jacksonville Transportation Authority's (JTA) new CEO, Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr. announces a major reorganization of the agency is in the works. What does this mean for Jacksonville?

Eight weeks after coming aboard as Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s CEO, Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr. today announced an extensive overhaul of the transit agency’s organizational structure.

In the JTA’s new organizational chart, a chief of staff and five vice presidents will report directly to the CEO. The V.P. positions will include Long-range Planning and System Development, Transit Operations, Finance and Administration, External Affairs and Compliance and Risk Management.

“Our new structure will allow for quicker decision-making, and has clearer lines of responsibility and accountability,” Ford said. “This flatter and more efficient organization will allow us all to better serve our customers and build the kind of world-class transit agency that Jacksonville and Northeast Florida deserve.”

Commenting on the organizational changes, JTA Chairman Ed Burr said, “JTA has a strong, proud history of getting out in front of our transportation needs. Nat’s new organizational plans will continue that tradition of moving this agency forward and delivering the level of service that will enhance our quality of life and economy.”
Ford noted that he spent the past two months meeting with dozens of stakeholders including past and present JTA board members, staff, customers, elected officials, consultants, vendors and many others to better understand JTA’s history and culture.

“Those meetings led me believe that we as an organization needed to focus our efforts on improving and enhancing four primary areas of our business: delivery of service, internal and external communications, accountability and financial management,” Ford said. “This new organizational alignment and an energized culture of leadership will allow us to effectively address these areas.”

As part of the restructuring, the new V.P. positions will be advertised both locally and nationally. JTA will begin interviewing for the posts in February and the agency-wide restructuring is expected to be completed by April 30.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is an independent state agency governed by a seven-member board of directors. JTA operates Jacksonville’s public bus service, downtown automated Skyway and paratransit service, as well as design and build roads and bridges. JTA’s mission is to improve Northeast Florida’s economy, environment and quality of life by providing safe, reliable, and efficient multimodal transportation services and facilities.

Source: Jacksonville Transportation Authority