What lost mobility fee funds could have paid for

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So far the City of Jacksonville has lost $4.8 million in the form of waived mobility fees since October 2011, with no solid proof that we'll ever see our return on that "investment." Assuming additional eligible projects move forward, that number could possibly increase to nearly $28 million. While this amount of cash may not immediately fund the construction of the Hoover Dam, it was more than enough to significantly impact the city's poor bicycle and pedestrian network and stimulate additional job creation through their implementation. Here is a brief look, by mobility zone, at sample projects that could have been funded by dollars already lost from last year's moratorium. Is Jacksonville really in position to sacrifice more via council approving a longer mobility fee moratorium?

General Information

Video clip from ActionNewsJax.com about lost mobility fee funding, due to last year's one year moratorium.  Depsite Jacksonville being the 3rd most deadly city in the country for pedestrians, and funding for capital improvement projects dwindling, the Jacksonville City Council is considering giving up millions more through the approval of a three year mobility fee moratorium.

City council district map that also illustrates the location of each mobility zone.

At-Large city council district map that also illustrates the location of each mobility zone.

1. Mobility Fees waived to date is $4,768,881 for 38 projects;
2. Last day for an eligible Mobility Fee Certificate holder to apply for the fee waiver is April 19, 2013 (Note:  The eligibility period for a mobility fee certificate holder is 6-months from its issuance date;
3. Amount of Mobility Fees collected prior to the moratorium:  $60,760.00 for one (1) project.  Note:  The moratorium was implemented approximately one (1) month after the Mobility Fee Ordinance was enacted on September 19, 2011;
4. Total Mobility Fees collected since the expiration of the mobility fee waiver ordinance (2011-516) on October 19, 2011(the last day to submit a mobility fee application):  $10,182.00 for three (3) projects;
5. Amount of Fair Share Assessment Fees collected for the 12 month period preceding the implementation of the mobility fee ordinance (September 19, 2010 thru September 19, 2011):  $3,779,906.00 for eleven (11) projects;
6. Amount of Fair Share Assessment Fees collected to date during the waiver period:
$185,204 for four (4) projects.

source: City of Jacksonville

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