Red Light Camera Locator Map

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Now that red light cameras are being installed at several major intersections across town, it's only fitting that we provide our readers with a list and map of the camera locations.

About The Red Light Camera Program

Redflex Traffic Systems of Arizona has an agreement with the City of Jacksonville to install and operate cameras on at least 25 approaches to intersections identified by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) as dangerous.

If you are unfortunate enough to receive a citation, payments will be made directly to Redflex. Infractions will be controlled by the Sheriff's Office and every ticket will be reviewed by a JSO officer.  The officer will be able to view three photos that include a close-up of the car's license plate and high-quality video.

State law sets the minimum penalty at $158 for red light camera tickets, but they will not cost points on driver’s licenses unless unpaid for 30 days. After that the fine is $262 and will cost the driver three points. Motorists can sign an affidavit claiming one of a few exemptions, such as if the vehicle was stolen or part of a funeral procession, or they may request a hearing before a local judge.

For those who would like to appeal their citations, they will be able to determine if that is a worthwhile option after viewing the violation on an online site that will store the recordings of six seconds before and six seconds after the vehicle passes beneath the light.

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