Neighborhoods: Springfield Warehouse District

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The Telfair Stockton & Company developed a significant chunk of Jacksonville's urban core that we know and love today. While Springfield, Avondale, and San Marco stand out to most, Stockton also was heavily involved in Jacksonville's growth as an industrial center. Here is a before and after look at the remains of Stockton's largest manufacturing center in Jacksonville's urban core: The Springfield Warehouse District.


The Art Deco styled building at 2137 North Liberty Street was constructed for the Wright Hotel Equipment Company in 1946. During the 1960s, the headquarters of the USA Florida Sector Command occupied the building. Today, it is the location of the Hope Outreach Ministry.


The Sherwin-Williams warehouse can be seen across the street from Setzer's in this 1943 image. Courtesy of the State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

2320 North Liberty Street was built for the Sherwin-Williams Company in 1930.  Sherwin-Williams was founded by Henry Sherwin and Edward Willians in Cleveland, OH in 1866. Today, the Sherwin-Williams Company is a Fortune 500 company primarily engaged in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of paints, coatings and related products.  During the 1960s, an appliance company known as Flarapco, Inc. operated out of the space.


The Southern Hardware & Bicycle Company operated out of this 18,000 square foot warehouse at 2336 North Liberty Street, which was built in 1926.  The company was based out of North Haven, CT.


2406 North Liberty Street was constructed for the Fisk Tire Company, Inc. in 1925.  It is one of two Mediterranean Revival style industrial buildings remaining in the district.  During the 1920s, this architectural style was very popular throughout Florida. Fisk was founded by Noyes W. Fisk in Springfield, MA in 1898, when he purchased a bicycle tire and rubber factory.  In 1899, he produced his first automobile tire.  By the 1920s, the Fisk Tire Company was producing and selling the most popular passenger car tire in America, which was the fabled Red Top. In 1940, Fisk was acquired by the U.S. Rubber Company, which is now known as Uniroyal, Inc.

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