Successful Downtown Revitalization: Durham, NC

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Much of Downtown Jacksonville's historic buildings have been demolished in previous decades. Preserving what's left may be vital to downtown's rebirth. To see the importance of historic preservation and adaptive reuse in a downtown setting, Metro Jacksonville takes a trip to Durham, North Carolina.

City Center

The City Center is the area that was considered Downtown Durham for most of the city's existence. City Center is home to most of Durham's tallest buildings and Main Street, downtown's historic commercial corridor.

Durham Marriott is directly attached to the Durham Convention Center.

CCB Plaza is located at the intersection of East Chapel Hill and North Corcoran Streets.

Completed in 1937 for the Durham Bank & Trust Company, the 17-story Hill Building (Suntrust) was designed by NYC's Shreve, Lamb & Harmon. This firm was best known for the design of the Empire State Building. The Art Deco skyscraper is currently being redeveloped into a boutique hotel by Kentucky-based Museum Hotels.

The Carolina Theatre dates back to 1926. The city owns the facility and it's operated by a nonprofit organization named The Carolina Theatre of Durham, Incorporated.

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