Jacksonville's Busiest Transit Routes

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Ever wonder what are the busiest transit routes by daily ridership in Jacksonville? Look no further because this list provides the answers you seek. However, you may be surprised at what route in town generates more daily ridership than the rest.

1. JTA Skyway

The much maligned JTA Skyway just happens to be Jacksonville's top transit route, in terms of ridership, and the race isn't even close. The 2.5-mile, fully automated, elevated, free-fare monorail system connects Downtown Jacksonville's Northbank and Southbank. Running at three to six minute intervals between its eight stations that feature real-time arrival and departure information, the JTA Skyway is by far, the closest thing Jacksonville offers in terms of reliable mass transit and the city's main transit asset in attracting true Transit Oriented Development (TOD).  

Unfortunately, its ultimate potential lies unmet due to political apathy, uncoordinated land use policy, competing bus routes, limited weekend/night service, and a system length that leaves it less than one mile from vibrant adjacent walkable neighborhoods and destinations in all directions.

Total Monthly Passengers: 96,161

Average Daily Passengers: 4,312

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