Get Outside of Your Den with these Holiday Gift Ideas

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"We believe that the best holiday presents involve creating experiences and memories with those you care about. " - Outside the Den

While a new toaster or the latest action figure can be fun to tear into, five years from now you’ll be more grateful for the things that get you outside of your den and give you a story to reminisce on. We humbly suggest you back away from the big box stores and give a gift that will last a lifetime.

Below, you’ll find suggestions that fit into each of the categories that we classify our blog posts – culinary adventures, cultural explorations, community happenings, and natural wonders. We’d love to hear your ideas for gifts that get you exploring.

Culinary Adventures

Unique Dining – A perfect gift for your food-loving friend, treat them to a culinary adventure! Take them to dinner at a hole in the wall restaurant (you can sometimes find fantastic food at the back of small grocery stores catering to a specific regional cuisine). Or get them tickets to a pop-up dinner for an unforgettable experience.

Cooking Together – You can still get outside of your den by giving the gift of cooking something new and interesting together. Write a recipe on the card and wrap as many of your ingredients in wrapping paper as you can manage. Buy some your fruits and vegetables at a nearby farmers market for that fresh local flavor. You’ll have to be careful and it might require some last minute gift placement for some items, but the few days between the market and Christmas morning will ensure that all the perishables are perfectly ripe. Once all the “gifts” are open, it is time create new experiences and dishes! Bonus points if you pick a recipe for a cuisine that you haven’t tried before!

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