“Checkpoint Challenge” To Honor JT Townsend

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“Checkpoint Challenge” event to take place at the Jacksonville Landing in honor of JT Townsend.

Jacksonville was struck by tragedy this past June, with the passing of JT Townsend. After Townsend suffered a severe spinal cord injury, he founded the JT Townsend Foundation, a nonprofit organization that worked to pay back and better the community.

The “Checkpoint Challenge” was designed to help promote and continue on this work through the JT Townsend Foundation. “JT Townsend made incredible impact on our community helping others, and although he's no longer with us, his never quit attitude continues to inspire the community through the great work that the JT Townsend Foundation continues in helping families on the First Coast” said Judi Zitiello, Chairperson for the JT Townsend Foundation.

The “Checkpoint Challenge” will honor Townsend, taking place on February 8, 2014, in downtown Jacksonville. Participants of the race will be paired in teams of four, as their problem-solving abilities are put to the test, racing from one various “checkpoint” in the city, to the next. Opening ceremonies will begin at 1:00 PM, with the race beginning at 1:30, and a post-race party at the Jacksonville Landing to follow.

Registration is $30 a person, or $120 a team. If you do not register with a team, don’t worry! You will be placed with three others on the day of the race. “This is Shananiganz first event benefiting the JT Townsend Foundation and they hope [the “Checkpoint Challenge] will be an annual event” according to Zitiello. All proceeds from the event will go directly to the JT Townsend Foundation.

If you wish to register, please visit thecheckpointchallenge.com, and for more on Townsend and his mission, visit www.JTTownsendFoundation.org.

Article by Kristen Pickrell