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MetroJacksonville.com is happy to announce their partnership with and sponsorship of TEDxJacksonville 2013. The all volunteer team at TEDxJacksonville is working incredibly hard to pull their events together, for the 2nd time! Last year's events were a major success for the community. The events were sold out but more importantly, as a result of their efforts, we all became a bit smarter as we gleaned knowledge and insight from Jacksonville's intelligentsia.

MetroJacksonville.com has always believed that bringing attention and accolades to our local thinkers, innovators and creatives is one of the best ways to develop and celebrate our unique Jacksonville culture. Our city is filled with revolutionary, thought-provoking people and TEDxJacksonville is a perfect conduit to highlight at least some of the people who are making our city special.

Over the next few months the TEDxJacksonville team will be providing MetroJacksonville.com with information about their event and the people connected to it. We'll be posting their commentary to the front page on a weekly basis. Their team is completely open to dialoguing as they want to provide MetroJacksonville.com as much behind the scenes insight as they can.

We're excited to be working with this group of bright and motivated individuals on the TEDxJacksonville project.

Important Dates:

August 17: TEDxJacksonvilleSalon at MOSH

October 26: TEDxJacksonville 2013 @ WJCT. Apply for an invitation!

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