Salon: A Small Gathering For Learning & Inspiration

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TEDxJacksonville is hosting a sold out event that will focus on a couple of Jacksonville start-up companies at MOSH this saturday.

On August 17, TEDxJacksonville will host its first TEDxJacksonvilleSalon at the Museum of Science and History - a small, intimate affair where our audience can watch recorded TED Talks and explore informative discussions. These salons are a great way for us to get to know our audience better and to keep our community engaged in the importance of sharing ideas. Along with the invigorating TED Talks, this time we are inviting two Jacksonville startups to showcase their ideas prior to the salon.

Owner/developer of Tada Language

TADA Language ( is an educational idea that aims to provide parents of young children with fun and engaging tools to learn and practice a foreign language. Their hope is that their online platform will help parents interact with their children through language and cultural learning through educational clips, practice sessions and peer support via their member community.

Best in Class ( is an educational software that aims to connect any student to any teacher, regardless of location, by providing them with an individualized curriculum and resources based on the standards set forth by the school or school district. Their goal is to promote and foster teacher experimentation while ensuring students are always pointed toward the best resources for them at a pace that is based on how a student is performing.

Our reasons for inviting these startups are simple – we like to think of Jacksonville as undergoing a renaissance of innovation and what better place to spread innovative ideas than through a TEDx event.

Although the event is sold out will be live streaming. Look out for links to connect and experience TEDxJacksonvilleSalon.