Retail Development Proposed for Brooklyn

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The long anticipated Brooklyn infill retail project proposed by Fuqua Development of Atlanta appears to be moving forward. Plans, which include a grocery store, pharmacy and restaurant outparcels have been submitted to the Downtown Development Review Board for conceptual review.

General Information

The applicant is requesting conceptual review for the proposed retail development located at 0 Riverside Avenue. The development consists of two project parcels described as follows: Parcel 1- bound on the north by Magnolia Street, on the west by Jackson Street, on the south by Riverside Avenue and on the east by Stonewall Street. Parcel 2 – bound on the north by Magnolia Street, on the west by Stonewall Street, the south by Riverside Avenue, east by vacant property and a circular access to Leila Street.

Parcel 1 includes 3 proposed buildings totaling 38,700 square feet and Parcel 2 includes 1 proposed building of 15,000 square feet, both parcels total 53,700 square feet of single story development. The project provides 196 parking spaces and shows two drive-through facilities, one located on each parcel. The drive-through facilities will require an application for an exception with the Planning and Development Department and final review and approval by the DDRB. The site has a number of unique characteristics that include extreme grade changes, locational issues regarding existing utility lines, client specific development requirements, and JTA easements for future development that include aerial restrictions along Riverside Avenue frontage. Presently, the site is vacant and undergoing remediation for ash contamination. The proposed conceptual development information provided by the applicant shows general streetscape, parking and building massing, all which must be further addressed with detail design, prior to DDRB final approval. The applicant is requesting conceptual approval.

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