Remembering One Spark: Sights & Scenes

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Here is a brief look back at general statistics, sights and scenes from Jacksonville's initial One Spark Festival. What did One Spark showcase to you about downtown Jacksonville and our city's potential?

For a link to all the video footage from One Spark 2013 on on a single page, check out our video recap:

One Spark 2013 Closing Ceremony Key Statistics

Here are key stats from the One Spark 2013 Closing Ceremony held on Sunday, April 21, 2013:

Top 3 Vote Getters in Music:

The 5 & Dime ($2,326.50), Boneshaker ($2,495.36) and Fathom Sphere ($2,509.43).

Top 3 Vote Getters in Technology:

The Riverwalk Project ($2,448.45), Kona School ($3,137.96) and The Wall ($3,466.29).

Top 3 Vote Getters in Science:

123-Fresh ($2,945.65), 1 Food Park Project ($3,189.55) and Tiger Trail ($4,183.94).

Top 3 Vote Getters in Art:

20 Murals in a Year ($4,010.39), Beyond the Facade ($4,202.71) and Rethreaded ($6,768.42)

Additional Statistics

- Estimated 130,000 people attended the 5-day festival in downtown Jacksonville

- Over 40,000 people rode the Skyway between Wednesday and Saturday, according to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority

- Over 50,000 verified votes

- STACHE Investments will invest in 5-7 companies and work with them over the next six months to support, build and grow their ventures in Jacksonville, FL.

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